Wednesday, April 21, 2010

The One Where I'm Ready To Fight To the Death

So the past few days have been hectic for me. I was finally able to make a trip to Nashville and visit all my friends. I can't tell you guys enough how much this meant to me to see everyone and how much it lifted my spirits. Had I not been able to visit everyone, i'm sure I would be deeply depressed.

Today sadly I had to come back to Memphis and back to reality. As soon as i got back into town I had to head straight to the doctors office. He informed me that my cancer is in a stage 3 due to the fact that my spleen is huge and the tumor in my chest is larger than expected. Also with that being said the doctor sprung it on me that I may have to have radiation as well, but we would cross that bridge in about 4 months.

Chemotherapy starts tomorrow at 10 am. I'm beyond nervous and beyond scared. I have no idea what to expect. I just can't believe this day has finally arrived that I have to stare cancer in the face and have a showdown to the death. I'm betting on myself! I hope to be able to update as the chemotherapy kicks in but I'm not sure how I will be feeling as everyone really reacts differently to the treatment. I am definitely not looking forward to the nausea and the vomiting. Not that anyone would be. Here's to CHEMO!

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  1. i know i already told you this, but this blog is AWESOME! and YOU ROCK! you are so amazingly brave to not just face cancer in the face, but to put your emotions out there. only the strongest person can do i have no doubt you will kick cancer's ass!

    you are in my thoughts and prayers and every moment...stay strong my friend! love you!