Tuesday, April 13, 2010

The one where I'm Waiting for Answers 3/28/10

March 28th, 2010

All the symptoms were there. Coughing for 8 months, night sweats, itchy skin, fatigue, oh, and that huge lump on my neck. However none of them seemed related. The coughing was because I was just sick. The night sweats were because I was just hot at night, plus had a 60 pound boxer sleeping on top of me. I was just itchy every now and again. I was tired because I was just lazy. I actually had the lump checked out about a year ago and had an ultrasound. The doctor said it was clear but told me to call if it didn't go down. Well it never went down and I never called.

I was in Chicago about 3 weeks ago with my parents and my cough was so bad this week that I literally threw up everything I ate for 8 days. Once I was back in Memphis, my mom forced me to go to the doctor. He gave me a chest xray and there it was. A mass on my lung the size of a tennis ball. That set the next events in motion really quickly. After getting a CT scan and getting about 3 opinions all my doctors have diagnosed me with what is probably Hodgkins Lymphoma. HMMM.

I just had my biopsy done on Thursday. Being put to sleep is a terrifying experience. I'm 27 and while I was laying in pre-op I started sobbing like a baby. Luckily my nurse saw I was a big baby and snuck my mom back there to see me. That was comforting. The surgery went well. They removed a small lymphnode that was attached to the huge swollen lymph node on my neck. Now I'm healing and waiting.

My results will be in on Wed. and I have a meeting with my oncologist then. I am guessing the results will confirm what they've all been saying the past few weeks. I'm ready to just get a confirmed diagnosis and start whatever treatments I may need. It's scary but I'm at peace with it. There's nothing I can do about it but kick it's butt and move on.

Until Wednesday....

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