Friday, April 16, 2010

The One where My Prayers were Answered

Last night before I went to bed, I had a lot going on in my mind as usual. This week I've had my portacath put in and a bilateral bone marrow biopsy that has left my hips so sore that it's been hard to get up and down and walk around. It has been a physically tiring week but an even more tiring emotional week as I haven't stopped crying for 3 days! I have been planning a trip to Nashville for next week, being as that it might be my last chance before chemo starts. I need to see my friends. I miss all my friends there! Not being able to see them week after week kills me. I'm so thankful to be surrounded by my family but my friends are just as close to me as they are. So I laid in bed and cried. I was hurting and it got me thinking I might not make my trip next week. So I prayed as I do every night, but I prayed that He would just take my pain away. I didn't want to hurt anymore and I want to see my friends. I woke up this morning and just crawled out of bed and started going down the stairs and it hit me like a pile of bricks. I felt NO pain in my hips. I got up with ease and just flew down those stairs almost as if I had never had the procedure. I cried immediately knowing that God had answered my prayers. I know that my prayers do not go unanswered but I needed that reminder that if I just have faith and put it in His hands, He will carry me. I just couldn't believe it. Today is a great day! I love the good days because on my bad days I know that once again I will feel great if I just give it time!

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